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Langisjór is a lake in the Highlands of Iceland and one of those places that many would like to visit but few get a chance to actually witness with their own eyes due to the remoteness of the area. There are 2 ways of reaching this area, either through road F225 (Several unbridged river crossings along the way) or through road F208 (Where one has to cross the deep and powerful Syðri Ófæra river)

The lake is around 20 km in length and up to 2 km wide, with a total surface area of about 26 km2 (10 sq mi) and a depth of 75m at its deepest point.

The lake is located at the south-western border of Vatnajökull Glacier (which can be seen at the far end of the lake) at an altitude of 670 m above sea level tucked in between the beautiful Tungnárfjöll and Fögrufjöll Mountains.

Nearby places:

Eldgjá, Lakagígar

Hiking routes in the area: