About Us

Vatnajokull360 aims at providing information about all known hiking routes in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland. We´ve been collecting images, videos and gpx trails for the last 3 years and we will constantly be adding new information to our collection.

This project and website are sponsored by Vinir Vatnajökuls (Friends of Vatnajökull) The Friends of Vatnajökull support research, promotion and education that lets more people enjoy the parks beautiful nature and interesting history.

The team behind Vatnajökull360 is comprised of:

André Luís – Programmer

(http://meet.andr3.net/ ), a portuguese front-end engineer with an acute concern for elegant and purposeful design. Coming up with delightful solutions through a user-centred approach drives him to pursue simplicity, with enough complexity within users’ effortless grasp. He’s also grown quite fond of climbing onto a stage and speaking to his fellow colleagues and sharing best-practices and experiences.

Andreane Sirois – Glacier/Mountain guide

Andreane is a french canadian glacier and mountain guide who has been living in Iceland for six years. She has extensive knowledge about hiking in Iceland and supplies both knowledge and photos to the website.

Ólafur Már Björnsson – Photos/Videos

Opthalmologist with a special interest in photography, videography and outdoor sports ss skiing, mountaineering. One of the founders of www.fifl.is (Association of Icelandic Mountain Doctors)

Snorri Þór Tryggvason – Founder and photographer

 (www.snorrithorphotography.com), a local photographer, filmmaker and cartographer. Snorri is the founder of Iceland360VR and Vatnajokull360 and has spent the last years travelling all around Iceland in order to capture high resolution 360° images of Icelands major points of interest. Snorri is also the founder and owner of the design studio Borgarmynd (www.borgarmynd.com)