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Askja – Dreki


Dreki hut is located at the mouth of the Drekagil gorge, just under the East side of the Dyngjufjöll mountains. The huts can be reached by mountain road F88 from the ring road east of lake Myvatn or by mountain road F910.

Nearby places:
Askja & Víti, Holuhraun, Kverkfjöll, Herðubreið

Hiking routes in the area:

Here you can find pdf hiking maps of the area around Askja, Víti, Holuhraun and Kverkfjöll

Location: 65°02.503N – 16°35.690W (map datum: WGS 84).
Tel: 8225190 Tetra: 6410040

Mountain huts in Iceland only offer sleeping bag accommodation. You must bring your own sleeping bags and pillows with you. We have no linen or blankets to let out and you must also bring all food with you, the closest supermarket is by lake Myvatn